1Q. Where Can We See Your List of Products?
1A. Please visit our Wholesale Products Page for an overview of our products, visit each page of products individually for more information.
2Q. How Do We Receive Multiple Quotes For Bulk Orders?
Once you have filled in your order form, you will receive multiple quotes through your email. Please be sure to submit the correct information.
3Q. What Type of Wholesale Products Are Available?
We offer a massive range of food and non food products manufactured or imported in South Africa.
4Q. Are All The Products From Popular Brands In South Africa?
Yes, but we also offer alternative brands that are less expensive and maintain a high standard of quality.
5Q. Do You Deal With African Countries?
Yes, our main focus is distributing to the African continent from South Africa. We also supply local stores.
6Q. How Can We Contact You?
Please fill in the Contact Us form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible regarding your question or order.
7Q. What Assurance Do You Offer In Regards To Your Goods?
All South African goods presented on this website have passed the "Consumer Protection Act of 2008" and have adhered to strict labelling requirements.
8Q. Do You Do Discounted Offers In Certain Periods of The Year?
Yes, we do provide discounted offers throughout the year, please sign up to our newsletter to be notified of these specials.
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